I’m Mithru Vigneshwara. I live in Singapore. This is my personal website.

I currently work as a Creative Technologist at Metalworks, which is the R&D department of Maxus, a media agency. I develop hardware and software prototypes for creative campaigns around the world. With Metalworks, my projects and I have had the opportunity to travel the world, sometimes in different directions, leaving me praying to Gods I don’t believe in, for the safety of my prototypes.

Prior to this, I was a student at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, where I studied Interactive Art. Here, I had the opportunity to collaborate with students and artists from different disciplines, and was actively engaged in contributing to projects done at the Media Lab at LASALLE. I continue collaborating with the lab even today.

Having graduated from LASALLE and still wanting to collaborate on projects together, my classmates and I started ArtMakesUs, an art-collective in Singapore, where we continue our peer-reviewed projects and personal research.

I like to write code, but I enjoy the real world just as much. As a result, I find projects that push human-computer and human-human interactions beyond the screen exciting.

In my free time I explore things I find interesting. This website serves as an archive of my projects and a library for these explorations.

I’m a upload pictures of my work on instagram with #madebymith (the pictures here are obviously more up to date than this website).