I’m Mithru Vigneshwara. I live in Singapore. This is my personal website.

I currently work as a Creative Technologist at Metalworks, which is the R&D department of Maxus, a media agency. I develop hardware and software prototypes for creative campaigns around the world. With Metalworks, my projects and I have had the opportunity to travel the world, sometimes in different directions, leaving me praying to Gods I don’t believe in, for the safety of my prototypes.

Prior to this, I was a student at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, where I studied Interactive Art. Here, I had the opportunity to collaborate with students and artists from different disciplines, and was actively engaged in contributing to projects done at the Media Lab at LASALLE. I continue collaborating with the lab even today.

Having graduated from LASALLE and still wanting to collaborate on projects together, my classmates and I started ArtMakesUs, an art-collective in Singapore, where we continue our peer-reviewed projects and personal research.

I like to write code, but I enjoy the real world just as much. As a result, I find projects that push human-computer and human-human interactions beyond the screen exciting.

In my free time I explore things I find interesting. This website serves as an archive of my projects and a library for these explorations.




Vigneshwara, M. 2013. Aleph of Emotions: Comparing Global Online Emotions. TEI 2014.

Mui, R. Y., Aw, A., Ong, Z., Vigneshwara, M., Boen, J., Low, B., and Schlegel, A. 2012. The River. SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Art Gallery.


Festivals & Exhibitions:

Living Leonardos: Makers @ArtScience MuseumSynesthete’s Music Box and Circle of Light with ArtMakesUs
December 2014. Singapore.

Penang Mini Maker FaireSynesthete’s Music Box and Circle of Light with ArtMakesUs
November 2014. Penang, Malaysia.

Dublin Web Summit: Provolv Cricket
November 2014. Dublin, Ireland. (did not attend personally)

Singapore Mini Maker Faire: Synesthete’s Music Box with ArtMakesUs
July 2014. Singapore.

Grand Opening of LASALLE’s Winstedt CampusPulse with Media Lab at LASALLE
May 2014. Singapore. (did not attend personally)

WPP Global Retail Forum: retail projects for Metalworks at Maxus
May 2014. Miami, USA. (did not attend personally)

8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI 2014, Munich)Aleph of Emotions, representing Media Lab at LASALLE.
February 2014. Munich, Germany.

Singapore Mini Maker Faire: select projects from Media Lab at LASALLE
July 2013. Singapore.

Memory Station
Synapse used as part of both performances.
April 2013. Singapore.

ArtScience Revealed – select projects from Media Lab at LASALLE
March 2013. Singapore.

Coded Transformations: select projects from Media Lab at LASALLE
January 2013. Singapore.

iLight Marina Bay 2012The River
March 2012. Singapore.



Human+ – Technical Developer & Adviser. 2014. Singapore.

The Woman in Black – Technical Developer & Adviser. 2014. Singapore.

Interface – New Media Artist & Performer. 2013. Singapore.

Memory Station – New Media Artist. 2013. Singapore.

Utterance – Multimedia Artist. 2012. Singapore.

Fracture – Technical Developer & Adviser. 2012. Singapore.

Cock – New Media Artist. 2012. Singapore.

Asian Tales – New Media Artist. 2012. Singapore.

Abstraction – New Media Artist. 2012. Singapore.



“Data in the City” Visualisation Challenge – guest speaker and mentor
August 2014 – October 2014. Singapore.

Shenzhen Maker Faire – Arduino Workshop for the public
April 2014, Shenzhen, China.

Makers’ Block SG -Arduino Workshop for the public
July 2014, Singapore.

Chinatown CoLAB Hackathon – won Best Tech Prototype award (shared)
March 2014, Singapore.

Maker’s Meetup SG – Speaker
November 2013. Singapore.

WITovation Awards - Tourz, a now defunct start-up created by two of my friends and I, was shortlisted as one of top five web-travel startups in Asia.
October 2010. Singapore.