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Synapse was an installation created for performance installations. It has been showcased and experienced as part of two performances, ‘Memory.Station’ and ‘Interface’. Both performances were student works at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

Synapse - full structure

The installation consisted of a four-meter long sculpture that reacted to stimuli (input) from two performers who were at opposite ends it. One end of the sculpture sensed physical movement of one performer (dancer) as an input. The performer on the other end provided their brain activity as the other stimulus. The sculpture consisted of an array of 16 motors, connected in pairs with rubber bands and long, narrow acrylic strips. The motors animated in different ways depending on the strength of each stimulus.

If there was an input triggered at the side with brain activity, the motors would animate a trail towards the other end according to the intensity of brain activity recorded. If a sudden movement was picked up from the dancer on the other end, the trail would move from the dancer to the other end. This simulated a dialogue between two performers using two different languages – a dialogue between the mental and the physical.

BrainwavesIMG_8877 IMG_8898 IMG_8551 IMG_8435

NOTE: This project was part of two bigger projects – ‘Memory Station’ and ‘Interface’. Below this statement, I attempt to thank and acknowledge every one involved in both projects. My apologies if I have missed anyone in the list.

Thanks to the following people for their help / mentor-ship / guidance with this project:


Andreas Schlegel
Caleb Lee
Elizabeth De Roza
Kaylene Tan
Melissa Quek
Rashid Saini
Wolfgang Muench

Memory Station Production Crew
(Performance had five ‘stations’):

Station 1: ‘Cache-ing in’
Director – Marie Lee
Media Designer – Mui Rui YI
Choreographer/Dancer – Anita Anton
Performers – Thomas Pang

Station 2 :
‘The Archive’
Director – Delia Png
Media Designer – Benjamin Low
Choreographer/Dancer – Eva Tey
Performer – Muhammad Ruzaini Bin Mazani

Station 3:
‘A Brainwave’
Director – Tabitha Loh
Media Designer – Mithru Vigneshwara
Choreographer/Dance – Samantha Lau

Station 4:
‘The old processing unit’
Director – Fraiser Tan Cheng Liang
Media Designer – Adam Aw
Choreographer/Dance – Lim Ming Zhi

Station 5:
‘Augmentation centre’
Director – Rachel Boo
Media Designer – Zac Ong
Choreographer/Dance- Zhou Yiru

Production Team:
Project leader – Kaylene Tan
Production Manager – Ed-Lindi Ong
Stage Manager – Mirabel Neo
Technical Manager and Lighting designer – Ian Tan

Supervising Lecturers:
Andreas Schlegel
Ellizabeth de Roza
Edith Podesta
Melissa Quek
Harris Jahim

Guards: Chan Chee Pang, Chelsey Ng May Keng, Ezekiel Kwok Ka junn, G Esmond Anil, Grace Purnamassari, Ho Kai Yim, Hoo Xun Lin, Hyde Jack Lewis, K Praveena, Leanne Claire Pestana, Maya Menon, Sean Teng Jinn Mun, Tan Yi en Alexander, Tang XIn Hao Joash, Teo Jia Xuan

Interface Production Crew


Anita Anton
Eva Tey
Samantha Lau
Lim Ming Zhi
Zhou Yiru

Media artists

Mui Rui Yi
Benjamin Low
Mithru Vigneshwara
Adam Aw
Zac Ong


Melissa Quek
Andreas Schlegel

Additional thanks to Dhiya Muhammad, Ian Tan and Jacky Boen for their advise and help throughout the project.