Neobombe is a portrayal of Bombe and Enigma, the encryption and decryption devices used in World War 2.

The project was built by ArtMakesUs. We built a system that encrypted tweets and decrypted these encrypted texts back to the original text without referencing the original tweet. The whole system was made as part of our personal research into cryptography used in the war.


We built the entire encryption and decryption using javascript, staying loyal to original algorithms of both bombe and enigma. For visual impact, we created a hardware simulation of the bombe (the decrypting device built by Alan Turing and co. at Bletchley Park). This was activated in sync with the decryption process on the computer.

20150711_130312 20150711_134757 20150711_165716

Neobombe was an experiment that we used to learn more about cryptography and cryptanalysis. We showcased it at Singapore MakerFaire 2015, and talked about our learnings at local tech meetups.


Book recommendation: The Code Book by Simon Singh