Circle of Light

[This is an on-going project.]


Circle of Light is a sculpture that paints images with light, and long exposure photography. Users can make their own light-painted images while selecting pictures, custom text or emoji, and had the option to share them on their favourite social networks.

The setup includes a LPD8806 64-LED strip hooked onto a wooden stick which is rotated by a servo motor controlled by an Arduino. A computer acts as a web app server for users to send images / text from their own machines (mobile phones or PCs). The server receives the assets sent by the user, sends the data to the Arduino for display and triggers the camera capture.

Here are some of the results:

circleoflight17circleoflight01 circleoflight03 circleoflight06 circleoflight09 circleoflight10 circleoflight13


This project was sponsored by BBH Maker Lab, Singapore.